The top 10 project

I am going to research and identify the top 10 content from 50 different domains(blogs). My selection of blogs are based on my current interest – tech & entrepreneurship. Here are some sample blogs that I have in mind,,,, etc to name a few.

The reason why I am doing this:

Since my final year at college, I have been trying to build a successful startup – thats more thanĀ  6 years. All this time, I have been looking for shortcuts and gimmicks. I have had way too many failed startups. What I feel now is that if I had spend that time building my base from a solid foundation of business fundamentals, I would have done really well by now.

These blogs that I have in mind are oozing with wisdom. Because I was looking for gimmicks I never had time to go through these blogs. The top 10 project is an attempt to identify the top 10 content in each of these kickass blogs, read them and assimulate the knowledge into myself.

What is in it for you:

Every top 10 content that I identify, I will post it here. You save a lot of time.